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How Award-Winning Brands in the Philippines are Using Social

AdSpark Team - 6 years ago

The Philippines is once again the undisputed leader when it comes to social media usage, according to We Are Social, a consultancy firm based in the United Kingdom. It is no wonder that award winning brands in the Philippines are doubling down on their social media marketing efforts.


Let’s take a look at how some of these brands use social media in creating better brand awareness and increasing customer engagement.


Jollibee Makes a Big Splash with Its #KwentongJollibee Campaign


Everyone jumped into the bandwagon and shared Jollibee’s KwentongJollibee content on social media. Who can blame them? The campaign resonated with its target audience as it tells heart-warming stories that could happen to any of us.



Behind this series of successful advertisements is Jollibee’s strategy in using social media.


Jollibee hired marketing communications agencies to help them come up with a strategy to make their paid ads hit it off with the audience. The agency sifted through reams of data and analyzed patterns ranging from what hashtags are trending up to top searches in Google.


This is how they were able to identify the key elements that the Jollibee campaign should have. The result speaks for itself: Over 50 million Youtube views and countless social media mentions and shares.


Cebu Pacific’s Customer Command Center Harnesses the Power of Social Media


According to Cebu Pacific’s Chief Executive Advisor Michael Szucs, Cebu Pacific’s customer-first initiative is important to meet the customers where they are most convenient in, which is through social media, thus offering a frictionless customer experience and ease of service.



The airline provides timely updates and information to passengers via its social media pages, such as flight changes advisory and responses to customer inquiries.


The Customer Command Center is being manned by a growing team of social media personnel with the long-term objective of building lasting customer relationships through this customer-first initiative.


The initiative paid off for the company as it improved its response time on social media from 2 days to minutes.


Co-Branding Strategy Works for Globe


Banking on your own brand recall is powerful enough. But when you add another brand that has incredible stickiness with the target audience, your social campaigns become even more powerful.


Take a look at how Globe employed a co-branding strategy in their social media campaigns.



Globe’s #CreateCourage campaign is both heart-warming and inspiring. It shows a young girl wearing a Stormtrooper helmet going to school, with most people around giving her a strange look. Towards the end of the video, it is revealed that she dons the helmet to cover the oxygen mask she needs to wear for her health condition. Her whole class wore the same Stormtrooper helmet to show their support for her. This campaign won Globe 8 awards at the IMMAP 2017 Boomerang Awards.


The telco also served an all-digital #NoMoreKapitWiFi campaign. This horror-and-comedy mix highlights a powerful story-telling approach to connect with the company’s target audience. The results are astounding. It resulted to a five-fold increase in monthly sales in 2 months while also posting an impressive 95% viewability and audibility score, signifying that the campaign succeeded in grabbing and holding the attention of its audience. It proves that a good story angle is crucial to the success of your campaign.



It is important that your campaigns provide significant return on investment. These examples of how award-winning Philippine brands are utilizing social in their campaigns can help you craft your social media marketing strategy to hit your goals.




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