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How AI is Changing the Email Marketing Future

AdSpark Team - 7 years ago

It’s no doubt that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a fascinating force in our daily lives. Nearly every industry today is embracing automation technology as it reduces costs and slims down complicated processes. Today, even the digital marketing field can see the early signs of AI and machine-learning-powered solutions.

So the million dollar question is what does the future hold for the digital marketing, specifically email marketing? Will smart machines supersede humans and will marketers be replaced with robots? The short answer? Not really.

It just means that email marketing is in for a complete overhaul. The benefits and opportunities this brings are, of course, very exciting.


Time Is a Valuable Commodity

It’s to be expected that in the next coming years, sales and marketing will be incredibly accelerated with the power of autonomous automation, optimized content recommendations and advanced email marketing match-making.

Email marketing campaign performances will be automatically funneled, analyzed and paired with other customer intelligence data to produce impeccable recommendations for future campaigns. Ultimately, tedious streamlining of email marketing processes should be a thing of the past.


Bigger Data

Capitalizing on the amount of big data that’s to be provided by artificial intelligence will increase the marketer’s access of valuable insights to unexpected heights.  It will shed light on important trends and relationships allowing them to see the decisions of countless web users and based on an increasing number of relevant metrics and parameters.

AI can offer ways to bridge the gap between data science and execution, but only marketers who can see can make those connections and derive effective marketing strategies.


No Substitute for the Human Touch

While it’s true that businesses progress along the whims and direction of modern technology, without a skilled human brain behind it, it just won’t work. Technologies provide to enhance, not to replace, human understanding. AI can never replace the human touch that effective marketing requires.

AI will potentially decrease the amount of time spent on the insurmountable process of sifting through and analyzing huge piles of data. Marketers can lean on AI for certain tasks and this presents more time and opportunities to focus on creating more effective strategies to contribute to a growing business in more impactful ways.


Final Thoughts

Artificial Intelligence is here and it’s here to stay. This doesn’t mean it’s all gloom and doom for email marketing, in fact it should be celebrated. But of course, the future isn’t written, nor is it clear. One thing will remain of course, email marketing will always be a spot for creative, adaptive minds.

AdSpark Team

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