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5 Podcasts Marketers Should Be Listening To

AdSpark Team - 7 years ago

If you haven’t already, now’s the chance to get started on listening to podcasts. There are a lot of choices on diverse topics that you can really sink your teeth into. Perfect for your nightly run or your daily commute. Best of all, it’s all free!

There are thousands of podcasts out there. Each that cater to a specific topic. If you are a marketer, here are some podcasts that you shouldn’t miss.

1. The Growth Show

Created by inbound guru hubspot. The growth show is aimed precisely on how to grow your company. Experts in the world of business focus on the key aspects that attributed their success.

What you should listen to first:

“The Neuroscience of Unforgettable Content”. In marketing, content is king. This episode on the growth show discusses what makes a piece of content stick. Which is the better format? And what is the best way to keep your audience interested?

2. The Bean Cast

Hosted by Bob Knorpp, this podcast discusses the latest trends and news articles in the world of marketing. While other shows are usually interview type or narration, the bean cast presents listeners with a round table discussion format complete with anecdotes, jokes, and lively debates.

What you should listen to first: Their latest episode

To keep up to speed on what’s fresh, it’s always advisable to check out the latest episode. Upon writing this article, the latest discussion “0431: Talking Tech” was all about CES 2017. The panel discussed the latest technologies on display and how it will affect advertising in the future.

3. Freakonomics Radio

The co-author of the best seller book “Freakonomics” Stephen Dubner talks all things quirky about economics. Why should you listen to this? A common theme for freakonomics is understanding why people behave a certain way, of course with a little math here and there.

What you should listen to first: “The men who started a thinking revolution”

This episode of freakonomics radio tackles one the the most influential breakthroughs in modern economics. The works of Amos Tversky and Danny Kahneman are one of the forerunners of behavioral economics which has not only shaped the world of economics, but the world of marketing as well.

4. Six Pixels of Separation

Hosted by Mitch Joel, who wrote the book of the same name, the podcast is all about digital marketing, branding, and entrepreneurship. Mitch Joel interviews some of the best people in the advertising and business world to discuss relevant topics for marketers today.

What you should listen to first: “Confessions of a recovering advertising professional”

This episode is an interview with Alex Bogusky, a long-time advertising professional who discusses life in advertising. They tackle stress in agency life as well as the pros and cons of moving into the client side after a long career in advertising.

5. Planet Money

Apart from Freakonomics radio, planet money is one of the most heavily produced podcasts in this list. Topics range from the stock market to the challenges of selling bells in a small town. Always interesting, this podcast tackles all things business.

What to listen to first: “This Ad’s for You”

This episode discusses advertising in the 1960’s in America. How it has changed vs today’s advertising standards. It also discusses the life of Tom Burrell, one of the pioneer African-American’s in the world of advertising.


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