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5 Key Learnings from the Best Valentine’s Day Campaigns

AdSpark Team - 6 years ago

Valentine’s Day is a big opportunity for most digital marketers. Love is in the air. Love for that special someone, for family, for friends, and yes, even for yourself! So we have compiled 5 key learnings from the best Valentine’s Day campaigns to inspire your upcoming activities.

1. Use Subtle Comparisons to Highlight Your Campaign

Chanel says, “Give her a camellia, not a flower.” This Valentine’s Day campaign from luxury brand Chanel is downright spot-on. Imploring gentlemen to give the ladies something that lasts more than a few days, Chanel’s Camellia marketing campaign is pure genius. The subtle comparison of fine jewelry with flowers gives off a nice conclusion for a no-brainer decision. Flowers easily wither but diamonds are forever indeed!


Video Retrieved from Facebook.

This marketing approach can help you stand out amidst all the noise this coming Valentine’s Day. This is truly a masterful way of highlighting your product without all the fuss. Simple yet effective.

2. Use Women Empowerment as a Central Theme

V-Day is not just for couples. It can also be about friendships. With the #MyBestValentine campaign, Nina Ricci encourages their customers to celebrate their special bond with their friends.


Image Retrieved from Yotpo.


The fashion house decided to go with another route in this V-Day campaign. They asked their customers to submit videos and photos of best friends and their perfume. These are then featured in Nina Ricci’s social media to show that women can celebrate this special day with their best pal! Talk about women empowerment on the day of hearts!

3. Get More Subscribers and Automate Emails to Them

First-time visitors to your site rarely makes a purchase. On the bright side, they visited your site so that is a good indication of their interest in what you are offering.

When you run a Valentine’s Day campaign, set up a call to action for visitors to subscribe to your mailing list for product updates and announcements. Once they have subscribed to your list, you can automate emails to keep them engaged and informed.

Image Retrieved from Campaign Monitor


You can also include promo codes in your email marketing with automation campaign. A great way to maximize your chances of conversion is to use email marketing automation software.

4. Utilize Dynamic Ads to Automate Your Valentine’s Day Campaign

You need to take advantage of marketing automation as the days leading to Valentine’s draw near. It will free you up from repetitive and mundane digital marketing tasks.

Facebook’s Dynamic ads is a powerful tool you can use for your Valentine’s Day marketing automation campaign. It enables you to personalize your ads to a wide range of audiences across different devices.


Image Retrieved from Facebook.


It is always a numbers game when it comes to successful marketing campaigns on Valentine’s Day. The more people your campaign reaches, the higher the chance for conversion. Facebook Dynamic ads helps you streamline your marketing campaign and cut across a wide range of market segments and demographics without any of the manual processes.

5. Get Customers Talking About Your Brand with Easy-To-Enter Contests

Everyone likes the idea of winning something for free. This is why contests typically draw in a big audience. Kickstart your Valentine’s Day campaign with an easy-to-enter contest then post this across your social media platform. Not only will you get more likes, shares, and comments, you will also get the chance to make your customers’ Valentine’s Day extra special with amazing prizes!

Image Retrieved from Promo Republic.


There is a lot of buzz going on during Valentine’s Day. Make sure that your marketing campaigns stand out during this period. You can use these learnings to come up with even better Valentine’s Day campaigns that are engaging, memorable, and effective.


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