Yes you’re doing social monitoring… But are you really listening?

Joey Flores - 2 months ago

Monitoring is what most brands do, monitoring mentions and notifications on certain keywords. Monitoring can be considered reactive in nature. Actionable after a certain mention happens. Listening on the other hand is the next step from monitoring. Listening takes monitoring and looks at it from the big picture. Listening aggregates social data and identifies themes and patterns. Unlike monitoring this can be proactive and actionable, allowing brands to predict how their customers react based on past data.

Listening is more difficult, but why should I do it?

For any business one of the key consideration points is budget. For you to listen efficiently you typically require a listening tool, which of course comes with a cost. Here are some key consideration points on why you should make the investment:

Listening Helps Develop Strategy

Unlike monitoring, listening enables you to capture overall sentiment. This in depth knowledge straight from your customer can be used to drive your strategy forward. How did your latest campaign do? Do your customers love your latest product? These are just some questions listening can answer.

Listening is not just limited to yourself. The same can be done with your competitors. Finding out how your audience feels about your competitor will allow you to react better. Your audience can’t stop talking about the new product your competitor just launched? Listening will allow you to hone in what they loved about it, allowing you to react appropriately.

Listening helps you be Part of the conversation

Listening will allow you to better understand your customers. Not everyone online who talks about your brand mentions it directly. Sometimes these people don’t mention your brand name, this is occasionally unintentional. Listening will allow you to see this missing segment. You can either directly engage with them answering any queries they might have about your product. Or you can learn from them and drive insights from conversations about your brand.

Listening helps you find influencers

It’s a well known fact that most consumers trust peer recommendations when making buying decisions. Social Listening can help identify which of these “peers” we need to tap. Social listening will allow people to gain better insight on who are the real influencers that your prospective customers are following. This allows you to curate your brand endorsers and better get your message across to your target market.

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